Monday, 16 January 2012

I'll steal your Honey, like I stole your Bike...!?

Hey guys- the content of this post is pretty rubbish tonight- had to do a quick costume change when I got in from work, I never wear this gillet that much as sometimes I feel I look like I'm wearing a gorilla fancy dress from behind....? 
hmmmm... I do love it though...
The dress is Evil Twin- so easy to wear if you are 6ft plus- I however am not therefore I have to wear anything with a ridiculous heel- The bag I got from H&M for like a fiver years ago and I literally am besotted with it- I have even used the print in some of my prints... Versatile oh yeh thats the me!
I was listening to the Beastie Boys full blasts in my car on the way home- MCing all the way BOOOM hence the title...

I forgot to post on here yesterday Im having a mini clear out and thought I would link you guys up to my Ebay- everything goes mega cheap, I get robbed everytime but hey it frees me some coathangers?!
Hit me up on-

Peace Out Kids


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