Friday, 30 March 2012

Cupid de Locke...

Wow... can not get over this heatwave!!- everyone is dressed so summery and its lovely! I was too scared not to wear tights as I have been a victim of the UK weather changes so many times...
I love this dress through its a DIY job- i think it was a plus size dress from a thrift store which was far too long- so with a bit of tape and thread you  have a fishtail hem...
Hope you like


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Natural Born Killers...

Hey guys- so I have been totally absent from here for a few as my house has been like a travelodge!
so many people staying over- I miss them all so much even though they are just in Newcastle?!
These are a couple of "safe" outfits I have worn for work over the past couple- by April I should have a cheeky website for you all to browse selling a collection of vintage, customised and my own prints- I have been keeping this on the lowdown as I need it to be just right (yeah im a little bit crazy like that...) but I am so excited to share my work with you all!

I was shopping in Glasgow yesterday and managed to pick up a copy of "Stylelikeu" from urban outfitters half price... I have wanted this for soooo long! its def worth checking out!

Check out my LOOKBOOK for any details on my outfits or give me a shout!

Ebay sesh this afternoon! in the sunshine! its the little things in life ey?



Thursday, 22 March 2012

Underwater Love...

Hey guys- I am sat watching the Jeremy Kyle show and it never fails to amaze me!?
Who would of thought so many women would be rocking the oversized dirty polo shirt?!
This is what I wore yesterday- had the loveliest day like ever- involved one of my dearest friends and several starbucks stops! As well as the film "Hobo with a Shotgun" NOT for the faint hearted!!! I am still not speaking to him for this!

I bought this jumper from H&M Trend- I love the colour so much!
The necklace is something that I stalked for a lonng time- I have a little "Cupid Obsession" requires a good strong neck though!
I purchased the leather shorts also- I am yet to try them on so hoping they look OK!!!

Hope you are all enjoying this sunshine!


Monday, 19 March 2012

This is my Church...

Hey guys- I wore this today...this skirt is one of my favourite ever things in my wardrobe! it is by a brand called "whereareyounow" I got it from afab little boutique back in Newcastle called SKIRT check out their site...

I have been shopping with my gran today- sounds bizarre but she is the best shopping partner in the world the only 70 year old I know that still appreciated Topshop as much as me!

The below pics are of the new Chanel campaign with Alice Delall- its been getting some mixed reviews as its grunging Chanel up a bit but I think she looks pretty hot- even though I am sure the hairgrips in the last pic are each worth more than my car...


Let me know your thoughts


Saturday, 17 March 2012

Death by Stereo...

Hey guys...

Happy St Patricks day and all that- I have just returned home from a hard days party, I think I am getting old these days... these are a couple of looks I have tried over the past couple of days- played it safe (notice the flats)!!!

All the details of my outfits can be found on my LOOKBOOK-

I need to sort my hair out I am relying far too much on the Croydon Facelift!!!

Having a roadtrip to Glasgow tomorrow- shoppppping!

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend

Lemme know your thoughts


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Scar Culture...

Bit of a monster post today guys- found some pics lurkin of some previous outfits that never made the cut *sniff sniff* thought I would share them with you- some of them can be found on my LOOKBOOK-

I am so tired today- overworked ey?!
If you have any queries about my outfits just holla' would love to hear from you all!
I shall leave it there tonight guys- my chat is whack!!!

Lots of love


Thursday, 8 March 2012

Where is my mind,,,

Hey guys and dolls- so this is what I wore yesterday... Me and my boy had a lovely stroll around and about town- I bought some plants for my window boxes- oh the joys of living in a central flat!!!
I did get a bargain from H&M a dress which is far too big but this is nothing a good old belt cant sort out- for £3!! (pics super soon)
I am so excited for the arrival of two of my girls today I have been cleaning (the perks of being on holiday ey?!) so there will be a lot of shopping tomorrow fo'sho'....
cleaning and buying plants- what is up with me!?
The outfit above was thrown together last minute the jacket is what I lived in when I was in my "punk is not dead" mode ohhh to be 15 again!!!
OK back to photoshop


Tuesday, 6 March 2012


                                                            Photo by

Hey guys- I am sat prisoned in my house waiting for the post seeing as I am a hardcore Ebay junkie this is no surprise,,,, I really need to get a life!
The outfit above is what I wore to town yesterday- loving my new boots from Topshop (ebay steal!)
It was so sunny here so there was an actual need for sunglasses which is insane!!!
The photograph below is my most recent purchase- total love- so reasonable too- check out their site...

You know me all for independant designers- big uppppp!

Have a beautiful day- hurrrrrry Mr Postman!!!!


Sunday, 4 March 2012

Hello Sailor...

So I am back from my weekend of chaos in Newcastle- I am hanging together in this picture (apologies)!!! Self Inflicted though!
This was a  steal dress from Topshop- teamed it with a skull scarf thought it looked quite like sailorish... I am quite a loser and googled the term "Hello Sailor" to see if this was actually a bonafied term and found that Wiki had the most brilliant definition...

""Hello, sailor" is a sexual proposition made to a sailor, presumably by a prostitute or promiscuous woman supposing the sailor to be male and sexually frustrated after a long time at sea."

I know you all had a little giggle at that....

comments are welcome as always

lots of love


Friday, 2 March 2012

Pink gets me high as a Kite...

Hey guys- simple outfit today- I was debating putting this look on as it is minimal effort but just decided to roll with it...
I am going back home to Newcastle today and am running so late thanks to the Topshop Tumblr! (which I highly recommend you guys check out) getting some inspiration for my outfit tonight! The sun is shining so all is good!!!
Will post some weekend outfits up here ASAP!
Lots of Love