Thursday, 8 March 2012

Where is my mind,,,

Hey guys and dolls- so this is what I wore yesterday... Me and my boy had a lovely stroll around and about town- I bought some plants for my window boxes- oh the joys of living in a central flat!!!
I did get a bargain from H&M a dress which is far too big but this is nothing a good old belt cant sort out- for £3!! (pics super soon)
I am so excited for the arrival of two of my girls today I have been cleaning (the perks of being on holiday ey?!) so there will be a lot of shopping tomorrow fo'sho'....
cleaning and buying plants- what is up with me!?
The outfit above was thrown together last minute the jacket is what I lived in when I was in my "punk is not dead" mode ohhh to be 15 again!!!
OK back to photoshop



  1. Love this combo! Tough and feminin at the same time.. :) Take a look at our blog, if you like it, maybe we should follow each other?


  2. Thanks guys- I shall check out your blogs!!! x