Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Since we're feeling so anesthetised...

Hey Guys- this is my work outfit no times for a costume change fraid.... grrr I wish I had more time!!!
This would be my interview wear hence why I never do interviews... and hence why I would never be taken too seriously in the real world where people wear like suits and pencil skirts and gaping blouses & stuff.... narrrrrrr not for me-

I took a picture of the Cherub silk scarf I found in a charity shop and I just recently found in my dressing room- I love that feeling when you find something you totally forgot you had... The shoes again are like Minnie Mouse on Acid- another thrift shop- tacky tacky tacky to the max but its pure love from me...

Gota dash- remember to check out my ebay -


lots of love



  1. I just discovered your blog and I adore it!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful looks