Sunday, 5 February 2012


Here are a couple of looks from this weekend,,, alot of faux fur I have just noticed,,,,
it didnt come out too well in the first pic but the black top is actually like fluffy mohair- it was one of those impulse buys that looks great but scratches you to death when you wear it... no pain no game and all that,,,
I am actually baking at the moment which is VERY unlike me,,, my boy is in a state of shock,,, problem is I know I have made a mess but will persist in pretending its nice... GULP!
Buying a new book tomorrow- any good reads please let me know




  1. great outfit!

  2. LOVE that second look - especially the t-shirt! Is it one of yours?


  3. thanks guys- the t shirt is All Saints im fraid,,, some of my prints are quite similar,,, I must get some put up- its all so nerve wracking!!!!

    I shall check out both your blogs

    lots of love x