Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Branded Youth...

So valentines days over- love it or hate it, its gone! I quite like it even though I refuse to go out and be rammed in somewhere (sorry just wagamama memories when the Manson family were practically sitting in our noodles)... Here are a couple of outfits from my week so far- nothing flash- I took a close up of my cluth and earrings as I love them- I was very lucky this Valentines and I got a leather jacket I have been wanting foreverrrrrr- not the one in the photo,,, I shall get get some photos up ASAP- no gossip this week, I have been reading LOTS when I should be working,,, I have started a book called Wasted by Mark Johnson... I used to work within Substance Misuse and feel its a great insight into one persons ordeal this along with like every magazine out this week- I have spent my wage before I even have it! Error....



  1. I love your pink lip color in the second photo.. what is it, if I may ask?


  2. Hi Karissa- thank you for your comment..
    The lipstick is Barry M and its number 52- I got it free with some make up I bought at the weekend & its fab!!!
    Looking lovely lady xxx