Saturday, 21 January 2012

Just scoping your civilian wardrobe...

Hey guys...
Weekends here- gotta be practical and warm- guna team this with my ridiculously OTT snorkel parka complete with orange lining oh yeah old school!
I tried to "crimp" my hair last night but ended up looking like Twisted Sister this morning.... error so trying to containg it with a million hair grips!!!
I was struggling to think of a name for this look as they usually go with the theme of the outfit so I thought I would take it from one of the best quotes from the Lost Boys...

Sam Emerson: Got a problem, guys?
Edgar Frog: Just scoping your civilian wardrobe.
Sam Emerson: Pretty cool, huh?
Alan Frog: For a fashion victim.

giggle giggle giggle...
RIP Corey Haim

I am still getting over Feldman being on UKs Dancing on Ice?!

Enjoy your weekend folks wherever you are


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